Somatic Sex Education Professional Training

Qualify as a Somatic Sex Educator and Sexological Bodyworker

Establish a professional practice as a sex educator who integrates whole-body touch in a trauma-informed modality. Help clients find sexual healing and explore expanded sexual pleasure through body-based exercises and experiences

Your Personal Journey With This Training

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Being an excellent somatic sex educator begins with our own embodiment journey. This is a professional training that supports your personal development.

You will learn to address deeply wired dysfunctions, limiting beliefs, and the legacy of trauma, neglect and habitual patterns.

Talking can only take us so far.

Heal your own sexual shame, fear and wounding. Expand and celebrate your unique sexual nature, pleasure and desire. Connect with a global community of that supports and celebrates your personal erotic wellness, and your work in somatic sex education, while bringing much-needed change to the dominant culture of sex.

Somatic sex education is based on science. Research in contemporary neuroscience explains that because of the subcortical nature of trauma imprints, we can heal and change only when we physically experience and practice efficacy, power and pleasure in the erotic realm. Talk therapy and traditional sex coaching are likely to always fall short when it comes to healing trauma and reclaiming sexual pleasure. Embodied practices including expanded breath, orgasmic yoga and erotic massage are vital.

Being an innovator and a rebel can be deeply satisfying and financially rewarding.

As a somatic sex educator you will make a real difference in people’s lives. You can have this tremendously satisfying experience every day, and also be able to earn a good living as a sought-after practitioner. There is so much sexual wounding in our world, and there are not nearly enough trained and talented individuals available to address this. Our graduates establish lucrative practices.

People are seeking sex educators who are willing to work with embodied practices that address trauma, support healing, and expand what is possible for them sexually. But they need to know that they can trust you! Our extensive training, professional associations, and clear guidelines for ethical practice make trust possible.

Say yes to a new direction for your life, and a new vision of healing and wholeness for our world.

Core Competencies SSE

No prerequisites: People come into this field from many different paths. You are welcome to register for the first Core Course if you have a passion for this exploration, and are willing to live and learn outside the box!

The Program at a Glance

  • Two online courses allow you to learn virtually from anywhere in the world
  • Two in-person weeklong embodiment intensives in Victoria, BC on Vancouver Island at Captain’s Studio
  • Practicum supervised by a qualified mentor of your choice who will help you develop the skills you need in the specific area you want to practice in
  • Live weekly online teachings and Q+A with the SSEA Faculty
  • Electives you choose to help you develop your special offering in this daring and much-needed field

  • Design your own schedule and do the training in a way that suits your needs – learn over one year or three
  • Minimal initial investment – decide as you do the program whether or not you want to continue
  • Feel supported by an awesome network of like-minded somatic sex educators and fellow students
  • Be your own boss and earn a good income
  • Develop the business and marketing skills you will need to launch a successful practice as a somatic sex educator

This in-depth professional training incorporates individual meetings with teachers, in-person embodiment retreats, self-directed online learning, group online learning, recorded video, powerful books and other readings, and live group calls. We support you in developing your new career and taking your special place in a global community of practice.

What will you be able to do with this certification?

You will learn how to guide clients in the embodied reclaiming of sexual pleasure, working in ways that go beyond the level of talk therapy, to the places in our bodies and our lives where real change happens. Combining interpersonal neurobiology with massage skills, anatomical knowledge, and practices to empower choice and voice, you will be able to guide clients in using the most effective tools for liberating themselves from the ongoing effects of sexual trauma, neglect, limiting beliefs and sexual dysfunctions. You will see them expand into the full range of their sexual wellness, guiding them to self-love, community connection and vibrant erotic relationships.

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Core Course 1 is only $745 USD – Registration is ongoing

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