ISSS Vision Statement:

ISSS – Training leaders in the world of somatic sex education: learning, practicing, integrating and teaching trauma-informed touch and embodied pleasure.

Mission of Institute for the Study of Somatic Sexology (ISSS)

The ISSS is committed to providing high-quality, transformational learning experiences both online and in a group setting.  We are committed to operating as an exceptional learning institute co-creating communities of lifelong learning, joyful accountability and critical pedagogy for students, staff and faculty alike. ISSS actively aspires to play a role in  personal/political liberation, ending sexualized violence and creating and supportive cultures of embodiment and pleasure.  


Welcome to the ISSS!


The ISSS is committed to providing quality courses regardless of the delivery format. As such, this policy focuses specifically on the best practices and strategies for online/distance learning and in person courses.


This policy is additionally designed to assist ISSS in the fulfillment of its educational mission and role in accordance with all applicable laws.

Curriculum and Instruction

The curriculum and instruction of online/distance courses will be fully comparable in rigor to the in-person courses. The following principles will apply to both:

Course Overview and Introduction

The overall design of the course will be made clear to the students at the beginning of the course.

Learning Goals

Learning goals will be clearly stated. These goals will clearly describe what students are expected to know or should be able to do by the end of the course.

Instructional Materials

Instructional materials will be sufficiently comprehensive to achieve stated course goals.

Learner Interaction and Engagement

Various forms of learning materials and interaction incorporated in the course will be designed to motivate students with different learning styles and to promote learning.


The courses will demonstrate a commitment to accessibility for all students. ISSS will joyfully receive and act on accessibility requests in a timely, supportive manner within our abilities and budgets. When accessibility requests are outside our knowledge and skill base ISSS will consult with folks with said knowledge with the intention of making the courses and school more accessible. ISSS will also maintain awareness of best practices in providing accessible learning environments.


Evaluation is voluntary for students who are not proceeding to the next level. Willingness to make mistakes and learn from them, and to reach out for help are considered as valuable assets in this program. Evaluations will be made according to accessible, transparent and clearly stated criteria. Students will have a chance to discuss their evaluations and have input.

Student learning is assessed at the formative level using course evaluations, and also summative at the end of the program.

Complaints and Conflict Resolution

We understand that students can come to feel that their working relationship with a faculty member or staff person of ISSS has deteriorated to the extent that they are looking for support or thinking of making a complaint. If that is the case, support options for dealing with conflicts are available. These include:

    1. The student can request a confidential and off-the-record discussion with another faculty member to help them clarify issues and explore how they might resolve or move forward with them. You can contact the faculty member of your choice directly, or by sending an email to info@somaticsexeducator.com. Your email will be responded to within 7 days.
    2. The student can request the support of another faculty member or administrative staff person for navigating a discussion with the faculty member or staff person who they are having problems with. You can contact the support person of your choice directly, or by sending an email to info@somaticsexeducator.com. Your email will be responded to within 7 days.
    3. The student can make their complaint in writing, requesting consideration of their complaint at a meeting of the partners of ISSS, consisting of Corinne Diachuk, Caffyn Jesse and dr. liam captain snowdon and our administrative staff person Tracy Montgomery. Please outline the issues you are dealing with, with attention to the questions posed below. Send this email to info@somaticsexeducator.com. Your email will be responded to within 7 days.

We understand that there may also be complaints about the curriculum itself, or the evaluation a student receives. In this case the student can outline their concerns with:

    1. their assigned faculty mentor
    2. another faculty member
    3. The administrative staff person
    4. If their complaint is not resolved in these discussions, they can make their complaint in writing, sending an email to request consideration of their complaint at a meeting of the partners of ISSS, consisting of Corinne Diachuk, Caffyn Jesse and dr. liam captain snowdon. Please outline the issues you are dealing with, with attention to the questions posed below. Send this email to info@somaticsexeducator.com. Your email will be responded to within 7 days.

At each stage we will endeavor to establish a collaborative forum, discuss your concerns and find agreement.

    1. Financial support for professional mediation, which can include facilitated decision-making with the ISSS partners, conflict coaching, and facilitated conversation options – is available on a case-to-case basis. If you have explored the options outlined above and we still have not arrived at an agreement, please apply for this support with an email to info@somaticsexeducator.com Your request for financial support for professional mediation will be answered within 1 week.

In your conversations and correspondence, we encourage communication on these questions:

    1. What sort of options to you see open to you with regards to this situation?
    2. What do you hope for?
    3. What outcome do you want from this situation?
    4. Imagine a point in the future where your issue is resolved. How did you get there?
    5. How can you move this situation forward?
    6. What can you do for yourself?
    7. Where do you feel stuck in this issue?
    8. What other supports do you have at the moment?
    9. What’s the biggest challenge for you in getting this sorted out

ISSS will ensure that a record of all complaints made in writing is maintained, and will furnish a report to the Somatic Sex Educators Association board with information regarding the totality of complaints received, reasons for complaints, and an assessment of how any underlying or ongoing problems can be resolved. This report will be available for consideration during the association’s annual program review on whether or not to endorse the ISSS training.


IBPOC Scholarships

In recognition of the leadership of Indigenous, Black and People of Colour (IBPOC) in creating counter-normative sexual culture, and of the impacts of sexualized violence that is targeted at IBPOC, ISSS works with the Somatic Sex Educators’ Association to contribute to the  movements for economic justice. At present our model is to make funds available to people who identify as IBPOC in attending the program by offering funds to cover 50% of the cost of Core Course 1.  ISSS applies monies from program income as well as working with SSEA to do additional fundraising. ISSS commits to continued learning and allyship with IBPOC students in bringing more anti-racist and decolonial awareness and presence to the profession of somatic sex education. This includes welcoming ongoing input on how our current model of funding support is working for folks.  Please contact us in writing, short audio or video recording (2 or 3 minutes) stating your interest in the funding, desired course start date and anything else you would like us to know about you. This is not an adjudicated process funds will be provided as they are available.  info@somaticsexeducator.com

Other Scholarships

Other scholarships are not available at this time, but we hope to make them available in the future.

Refund Policy

No refunds are available for the online courses.


Refunds for the embodiment intensives are available as follows:

    1. Up to 2 months before the program begins: full refund minus $250 administration fee 
    2. Up to one month before the program begins: full refund minus $500
    3. Closer than one month to when the program begins: No refund available

Program and Course Evaluation

Students will be asked to evaluate their learning experience at the completion of their program of study. The following questions will be asked. Annually these data will be analyzed and used as gauges in assessing how to improve the overall quality of the courses or programs.

Intake form and liability waiver

Students of the ISSS embodiment intensives (core course 2 & 4)  will complete an Intake form and liability waiver before arrival at the program.

Relationship with Somatic Sex Educators Association

The ISSS is a partnership of somatic sex educators Corinne Diachuk, Dr. Liam captain Snowdon and Caffyn Jesse. The ISSS is responsible for designing, delivering and administering the Somatic Sex Education Professional Training curriculum and delivery. The training offered by the ISSS is sponsored by the Somatic Sex Educators’ Association (SSEA). Certifications are issued by the ISSS. The SSEA is a non-profit society of certified somatic sex educators. It offers public education, professional trainings and ongoing professional development in support of Somatic Sex Education and Sexological Bodywork in Canada and around the world. The sponsorship of the SSEA represents their  endorsement (in that they have reviewed and approved our proposal to teach and administer the professional training, with an eye to our teaching skills and reputation in the field, and our management of previous years training.) The decision to endorse our training is made from year to year through a vote of voting members.Our graduates are qualified and welcome to become members of the SSEA and the World Association of Sex Coaches (https://worldassociationofsexcoaches.org/ ), as well as the Association of Certified Sexological Bodyworkers http://sexologicalbodyworkers.org/  We invite SSEA members to contribute ideas on curriculum development once a year. The SSEA administers a Scholarship Fund in cooperation with ISSS and awards the funds to qualified students of this program.

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