Advanced Training

Post-Graduate Program

Our post-graduate program offers professional and personal development relevant to our unique field. We welcome those who have already qualified as Certified Sexological Bodyworkers (CSBs) or Somatic Sex Educators in various trainings around the world, as well as those who have completed their training through the Institute for the Study of Somatic Sexology (ISSS) or the Somatic Sex Educators’ Association (SSEA). You become a Certified Somatic Sex Educator with ISSS by completing our post-graduate program. The Post-Graduate Program is also relevant to our own already-certified graduates who want to continue and deepen their learning.

Certified Sexological Bodyworkers – Advanced Training

Registration Open:

With this affordable online CSB Advanced Training course, you will learn about developments in the field of somatic sex education that can guide you in offering a further resourced and ethical professional practice. We offer teaching in neuroscience that explains the efficacy of somatic sex education, genital anatomy beyond the binary, support for the gender galaxy, coaching, ethics, empowering choice and voice, addressing pelvic pain, and how to have a trauma-informed practice. You can join weekly community calls and the online community, and you will receive personal support and coaching from one of the ISSS core faculty. You will be guided in finding, articulating and marketing your own unique intersection with this field. (Much of this material is included in the regular ISSS training program for somatic sex educators, but most of it will be brand-new for people from other CSB trainings around the world.) Completing each unit listed below requires approximately 15 hours of your time, including reading, video viewing, somatic inquiry, and writing and reporting on your work. You can take up to six months to do the program. You will receive many downloadable books on somatic sex education that can resource you now or in the future. CSBs who complete this training are eligible for membership in the Somatic Sex Educators’ Association.

Welcome and Orientation:

What is somatic sex education and why do we love it? Orientation to the program, textbooks, and the online learning environment.

Unit 1: Basic Practices and Principles

Somatic awareness, counter-normative practice, evolving the nervous system, exploring the gender galaxy, new culture skills.

Unit 2: Mindful Erotic Practice

Why mindful erotic practice instead of “Orgasmic Yoga”? Yoga therapy for somatic sex education, the neuroscience of practicing pleasure, breath and erotic energy cultivation audio and video teachings, unwinding systems of oppression within and between us through radical self-love, invitation to online practice community.

Unit 3: Empowering Choice and Voice

Why is choice and voice empowerment key to somatic sex education, and how exactly do we do this? Introduction to using the Wheel of Consent, language for negotiating desire and boundaries, the role of fantasy and the forbidden, core erotic theme. Professional and Ethical Practice, the Basics of Sex Coaching.

Unit 4: Erotic Touch

Erotic Massage in Somatic Sex Education, finding language and understanding of why this can be healing and wholing, making social space for erotic massage, working with a spectrum of empowerment, addressing trauma and pelvic pain with genital touch, anatomy for all genders, active receiving, erotic ritual, pleasure mapping.

Unit 5: Working With Trauma

Understanding trauma’s impact on the soma, filling up the toolbox with somatic practices for healing and empowerment, creating a holding environment and alliance with clients, somatics and social justice, pelvic scar tissue and genital de-armouring, circumcision, developing session arcs and plans

Unit 6: Developing Your Unique Contribution to the Field

Rethinking Self-Care, Some Ancestors of the Modality, diverse models of practice, marketing through modeling and networking, creating your personal somatic sex education manifesto. The course concludes with a call with your mentor, plus self-evaluation and mentor evaluation if you intend to apply for the membership in the SSEA and/or continue with more graduate training.

Course Information

This course includes:

  • Workbook and readings
  • Video viewing
  • Somatic inquiries
  • Online discussions and assignments moderated by SSEA faculty
  • Plus a 1- hour private coaching call with an ISSS faculty member.

Course Textbooks (must be purchased separately) are available in Kindle or hardcopy from Amazon:

  1. Patti Britton: The Art of Sex Coaching
  2. Sonja Rene Taylor: The body is not an apology
  3. Christiane Pelmas: Trauma: A guide for Working with Body and Soul
  4. Mel Reiff Hill, Jay Mays, Robin Mack, The Gender Book. Purchase book online or download free e-book:

Course Textbooks we include for you in a PDF form (you can download here -scroll down- or read online. These books are also available for purchase in hard copy and Kindle versions at Amazon):

  1. Caffyn Jesse, Cassie Moore and Mehdi Darvish Yahya, eds. Healers on the Edge: Somatic Sex Education
  2. Caffyn Jesse: Science for Sexual Happiness
  3. Caffyn Jesse, Shauna Farabough: Pelvic Pain Clinic
  1. Sheri Winston, Women’s Anatomy of Arousal
  2. Douglas Abrams and Mantak Chia, Multi-Orgasmic Man
  3. R. Louts Schultz: Out in the open – The complete Male Pelvis

Four Levels of Skill-Building

Modality Skills in the domain of somatic sex education – including interpersonal neurobiology, mindful erotic practice, gender diversity, genital anatomy and homology and genital mapping, with practice in expanded somatic awareness, presence, autonomic nervous system regulation and choice

Befriending Skills for supporting counter -normative practices of joy and creativity, including unlearning perfectionism, embracing failing and messiness, valuing asking for help and honouring complexity.

Interactive Skills for enhancing choice and voice in their personal sexual relationships and in empowering client communication around boundaries, desires, and choosing pleasure.

New Culture Skills for building individual and community capacity to understand and engage with embodied oppressions that shape our personal and cultural experiences of sex, gender, sexuality and relationship.

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