Core Course 2

Erotic Practice for Somatic Sex Education

Core Course 2 Outline

2022 Course Dates

  • November 7 – 11 and 14 -18 online
  • Teaching team, Corinne, captain, Katie and Onika

2023 Course Dates

  • April 17 – 23 In-person in Victoria, BC CANADA
  • Teaching team: captain, Corinne, and Sherika


  • June 12 – 18 In-person in Victoria, BC CANADA
  • Teaching team: Corinne, Katie, and Kai Cheng


BIPOC CC2 Embodiment Intensive 2023:

  • October 9-16, 2023 Toronto, ON
  • Teaching team Kai Cheng, Onika, Sherika

This training is available to any BIPOC identified student who has completed their Core Course One training, as well as advanced students (this training counts as a pre-approved elective for certification) or graduates that would like to attend for their own professional development.


  • November 6 – 17  Online
  • Teaching team Corinne and Onika


  • November 13 – 19 In-person in Victoria, BC CANADA
  • Teaching team: Katie and Captain

In-person option: 7 days $2,295 USD
First day: 11am to 6pm, subsequent days 10 am to 6 pm (with an afternoon of repose mid-week)
Online option: 10 half-days study and practice online $2,095 USD
Monday to Friday 9 am to 2 pm PST (with the weekend off)

This is the first of two intensives in a professional training for somatic sex educators. Whether you are attending online or in-person, you will be working with a cohort of students, two main faculty, plus guest teachers. Prepare for an intensive learning experience.

Our own erotic well-being is foundational for developing a professional practice as a somatic sex educator. During this week together we have a chance to unfold and share the personal and cultural journey to sexual wholeness. The intensive takes us through an arc of exercises and experiences in a way that mirrors the journey of a client working with a somatic sex educator, while resourcing us for professional practice.

We will begin with creating a “safe enough” container. This involves setting community agreements and honing and sharing our intentions. Study and embodied exercises help with understanding barriers to pleasure. We will learn and use actual practices, tools and competencies for empowering our own and others’ choice and voice.

Students will expand their embodied understanding of social locationality and sexual rights and freedoms. They will learn about how we somatize oppression and privilege, and practice technologies for unwinding some of these bonds.

We will work to create intentional, professional, erotic learning space. We practice using procedures that demonstrate professionalism, including intake and assessment. We discuss and offer diverse frameworks for ethical somatic sex education.

We cultivate capacity to feel and communicate body sensations as we increase our somatic literacy, developing a repertoire of embodiment practices we can use and share with clients.

The course includes a deeper dive into the science of somatic sex education and interpersonal neurobiology. The science of sexual happiness helps give language to the learning process, so we understand challenges and opportunities for expanded wellness. Knowing and sharing the science can help take shame away as we work with clients, and support each person in working and playing in their personal learning zone.

The intensive includes teaching in the somatic sex education core tool of Masturbation Coaching. We have an opportunity to explore the possibility of communal Mindful Erotic Practice, always within our personal learning zones.

We will have a chance to further explore genital anatomy and practice Genital Mapping. We will introduce the core tools of Affirmative Ritual Touch and Erotic Massage, while demonstrating how these tools can be integrated into somatic sex education sessions, whether offered in-person or online. All activities are done through the lens of empowering choice and voice.

This 7-day intensive will focus on building core competencies of somatic sex education.

Please review our Student Agreement Form, which outlines what our program offers, how students are evaluated and the process for working toward certification, and Institute policies and procedures, prior to enrolling.  Our program is unique, and we encourage you to review this document so you know what to expect from us and what we ask of you.  Upon registration you will be given access to the online curriculum where you will see this form again.  At that time we ask you to initial to agree to each point and add your signature at the bottom.  An electronic copy of your completed form will be emailed to you and one copy will be kept in our records.

Travel Information To Victoria


Victoria is located on the southernmost tip of Vancouver Island, just off the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada. It is the capital city of BC, and is very accessible with flights and ferries from both Vancouver and Seattle. It is easily walkable or short taxi ride from bus stops and ferry terminals.

Please make sure to plan ahead for your ferry times and transfers, so you can arrive well before our start time. If you come without a car, please find accommodations in the James bay or downtown area so we can easily get you to and from Captain’s studio. (Tracy puts people in touch who want to share accommodations, and we can make sure everyone who needs a ride, has one to and from the studio each day.)

Victoria To James Bay

Arriving from the Ferry
To take a public transit bus to downtown is approximately 1.5 hours and the cost is $2.50. Get off downtown for downtown hotels, get off at the Legislature for accommodations in James Bay.
A 20-ish minute walk or 5-minute cab ride will get you into the neighbourhood of captain’s studio.

Arriving from the Airport
Public transit bus – $2.50 to downtown – 1.5 hour ride
Airport Shuttle – approx $20 – 45 min ride
Taxi – approx $50 – 30 min drive

Seattle to Victoria

There are two additional ferry routes that are occasionally used by students traveling from Seattle.

The Victoria Clipper is a passenger-only ferry with daily service to downtown Victoria from downtown Seattle.

The MV Coho is a car ferry that makes regular trips between downtown Victoria and Port Angeles, Washington.

These boats will drop you off a short 10-minute walk to captains studio, and the many accommodations in their neighborhood.

Please be sure to arrive on time, and leave plenty of time on either end of your travels for the ferry journey, the journey to your accommodations from the ferry landing, and then traveling to Captain or Caffyn’s studio! First day: 11am to 6pm, subsequent days 10 am to 6 pm – with an afternoon of repose mid-week)


Downtown Victoria and James Bay boast a wide variety of lodgings, from bed & breakfasts, budget hotels and luxury spas. We’ve listed a few of the most convenient accommodations below, and you can browse more accommodations here:


Air BnB

Coast Victoria Hotel

James Bay Inn 

Oswego Hotel 

Marketa’s B & B

If you will not be bringing a car, you will want to stay in James Bay or Downtown Victoria. We can arrange ride shares – or you may wish to walk (it is a pleasant walk to captain’s studio from downtown on a nice day). Our creative admin Tracy can help connect people who want to share accommodations or transportation. Or you can use the FB group to post your suggestions. We can commit to making sure you have a ride from Downtown and back each day.

Please bring light clothes without belts, buttons or bling. Yoga clothes are good for embodied practices. Weather on the West Coast any time of year can be wet and chilly, so bring layers. You are welcome to bring an item of personal significance for the altar. You may also wish to write your intention for the workshop on a piece of paper to bring to the altar. Altar items will return with you.

Captain’s studio is otherwise known as Grey Dragon, or SPARC – the sex-positive arts and resource center.
Accessibility info:
There are 10 brand new stairs into the house with a very solid handrail on the left. One bathroom. Participants will have full use of the kitchen. A quiet space for chilling and laying down will be set up during the whole time. Backjacks, pillows, mats and straight back chairs will be available for sitting. No scented cleaning products are used to clean the space. One dog lives in the house but will not be in attendance.

All participants are asked to help make a scent-reduced space by refraining from wearing perfumes, colognes or other scented products (including essential oils). If this is a problem for you we ask you not to attend as the results are debilitating for members of the household. For more information on how to support folks with multiple chemical sensitivities, check out Peggy Munson’s writing.


Note: While ferry service from Seattle and Vancouver to Victoria has been restored, schedules are subject to change with little notice. Please take great care in making your travel arrangements. If you are travelling from the USA, please confirm requirements to enter Canada here:

Course Pricing

  • On Completion of Course 1

  • $USDFrom 2,095Incl. 5% GST

Canadian Students have the option to make payment via e-transfer. Please email us at to inquire about this option.

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