Core Course 3

Establishing a Somatic Sex Education Practice

Core Course 3 Outline

9 Months – Upon completion of Course 2

This self-directed online course includes reading, video viewing, somatic inquiries, online assignments, and one-to-one support from faculty. There is a weekly support call for advanced students and continued access to our community of practice calls. Students have access to a wealth of learning materials at and This program requires a minimum time commitment of 10 hours per unit and your registration is valid for 9 months from the date of purchase.

Unit 1: Mindful Erotic Practice

Profound embodied learning takes place with mindful self-pleasure practice. Conscious repetition is how humans learn; thus the embodied approach to education is central for learning sex. Most of your learning and expanding your erotic capacities will happen through your own embodied practice. New developments in neuroscience have furthered our understanding of the central importance of mindful erotic practice in somatic sex education.

Unit 2: Working with Trauma

Staci Haines says that recovering from sexual trauma involves completing and transitioning out of the automatic responses that trauma can leave behind in the body. “Finding pleasure on purpose” is central to healing. Her approach to somatic healing from sexual abuse is taught in this unit. Additional readings are from clients who have experienced healing from somatic sex education, and practitioners who have trauma healing as a focus of their practice.

Unit 3: Erotic Touch

Erotic touch is perhaps the most controversial, and yet the most important aspect of the bodywork practices offered by somatic sex educators. In this unit, we learn about the science behind the practice. We learn about technologies for creating erotic rituals that are appropriate to the level of empowerment and vulnerability we assess in our clients.

Unit 4: Active Receiving

Moving while receiving erotic touch, plus communicating with empowered choice and voice, can be a radical departure from habitual ways of experiencing the erotic. This unit includes a discussion of “Erotic Massage Dancing.” Students learn how shame can manifest as distractions that take us out of the present moment, and how to support people in staying present with pleasure.

Unit 5: Loving Justice

In this module, you will be invited to deepen your familiarity with the Loving Justice embodied conflict skills introduced in CC1 and CC2. This module is about applying Loving Justice and Transformative Justice to your own erotic life and practice.

Unit 6: Anal Mapping and Massage

In this unit we focus on anal pleasure, anal anatomy, sexual shame and the anal taboo. This is one of the most nerve-rich pleasure centers of the body. Work in the anal area is crucial for full and deep embodiment. Attention is given to how in exploring the contours of the body we are also exploring the contours of the psyche, the soul.

Unit 7: Pelvic Scar Tissue and Genital De-armouring

Scar tissue impairs genital sensation for many people. Massage on the scar tissue can bring back sensation. Sessions focused on “genital dearmouring” help clients to connect with sensation and emotions that are held in the tissues of the pelvis.

Unit 8: Ecstatic Erotic Massage

This unit discusses how we can guide our clients in accessing and making use of erotic trance. Ecstatic erotic massage engages the biochemistry of ecstasy. We discuss how ecstatic erotic massage can crafted to be safeenough for survivors of sexualized violence.

Unit 9: Developing your Unique Contribution as an SSE

Informed by the learning of the past 8 units, this unit invites you to feel into your unique offering. Given all the learnings you bring to this work, your personal values, your sense of what the world needs from you, and your vision of your future, consider your gift to the world. Move into a space of creative contribution to the field of somatic sex education, and make a plan for your practice. Readings and video viewing on basic business practices, envisioning your business, and marketing for somatic sex educators.

Please review our Student Agreement Form, which outlines what our program offers, how students are evaluated and the process for working toward certification, and Institute policies and procedures, prior to enrolling.  Our program is unique, and we encourage you to review this document so you know what to expect from us and what we ask of you.  Upon registration you will be given access to the online curriculum where you will see this form again.  At that time we ask you to initial to agree to each point and add your signature at the bottom.  An electronic copy of your completed form will be emailed to you and one copy will be kept in our records.

Course Information

Course Textbooks

  1. Patti Britton: The Art of Sex Coaching: Expanding Your Practice
  2. Christiane Pelmas: Trauma: A Guide for Working with Body and Soul (a somatic sex educator’s handbook)
  3. Caffyn Jesse, Science for Sexual Happiness
  4. Caffyn Jesse, Cassie Moore and Mehdi Darvish Yahya, eds. Healers on the Edge: Somatic Sex Education

Course includes reading, video viewing, somatic inquiries, online assignments, and one-to-one
support from faculty. Students have access to a wealth of learning
materials at and

Unit 1: Mindful Erotic Practice

Unit 2: Working with Trauma

Unit 3: Erotic touch

Unit 4: Active Receiving

Unit 5: Anal Mapping and Massage

Unit 6: Pelvic Scar Tissue and Genital De-armouring

Unit 7: Ecstatic Erotic Massage

Unit 8: Developing your Unique Contribution as an SSE

Course Pricing

  • Completion of Course 2

  • $USD2,295Incl. 5% GST

Refund Policy: No refunds are available for online courses.

Canadian Students have the option to make payment via e-transfer. Please email us at to inquire about this option.

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