An Erotic Ecologist SSE Manifesto By Isa Frank

An Erotic Ecologist SSE Manifesto By Isa Frank

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Honor the erotic. More than a tantalizing arousal, this deep life force, this radiant power, moves you, calling forward your essential direction. It calls you to open up into connection. Call it in and come alive!

Recognize this life force in all. Our somas are interconnected, not isolated systems. Our bodies are a dance of responses, shaped by our relations to land, and community. We are interwoven ecological emergences, entangled and evolving together.

Come home to yourself, belong to yourself, and embrace your domain. Feel your body as it moves through space or rests in gravity. Fill yourself with breath, and expand. Exhale and contract as you desire. Root into yourself and tend to the soil of your being with care.

Arrive into presence! Open up to your senses, softening into sweet sensations. Pause, and listen, let’s practice together. Feel into what you want, and ask! In active receptivity, linger and savor. This space is for you!

Tend to the mystery, your enigmatic void. In safe enough space we appreciate the unknown, all of you is welcome. Here shadow is a resource, and mystery, potential wisdom. Open up to it in pleasure, titrating as you need.

Follow your wisdom, your voice and choice we empower! Yes, no, maybe? Here we let the bodies intelligence guide the way.

Expand your limits by honoring them. Moving at the pace of trust we celebrate ourselves as we are. Your boundaries are holy. Your curiosity invited!

Drop perfection. Lean into the bravery and vulnerability it takes to be aliveness embodied.

Embrace the wild weird creative that moves through you, and disrupt the norm. Break through old patterns, and renew yourself in play.

Connect with the earth, and ground transformation. Let the more than human allies teach, hold and inspire you.

Call for justice. Erotic practices can and should be anti-racist. Disrupt capitalism. Challenge ablism and de-center cis-heteronormativity. We can help unpack, unlearn, and rewire our collective cultural somas through healing in the personal window of transformation. May our embodied joy and aliveness aid in collective liberation.

Give gratitude to the ancestors. To all of the sacred whores, healers, lovers, teachers, renegades, thought leaders and quiet desirers of this work, thank you!

I will continue to learn and grow.

I choose to come back to love.

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